Hot days and rainy weather coupled with heavy bather loads can make it difficult to keep your water sparkling. Here at Perry Pools we are always sharing pool maintenance tips from our inhouse experts. Some things to be mindful about are:

  • Don’t allow anyone in your pool for at least 20 minutes after applying sun screen.
  • Monitor your water chemistry weekly.
  • Assure you water level is high enough, which is half way up the skimmer.
  • Make sure your filter is clean.  
  • When pressure rises on the indicator at the top of your filter, backwash DE or Sand filter, or rinse cartridges in a Cartridge filter.
  • Extend the circulation time of your pump.  Typically it is set for 10-12 hours per day.  If you see cloudiness, set the pump for 24 hours for a day or two.
  • If you have large bather load, shock the pool after use and run the filter all night.

With all this in place your pool should be well prepared for  the beautiful New England summer. And remember, nobody knows pools like our highly-trained, knowledgeable team. Contact Perry Pools today with any questions! 

When you don’t plan on using your pool for a while, it’s important to choose the right pool cover. There are several things you should consider, when selecting your pool cover:
•    Your Pool’s Shape
•    Your Pool’s Location
•    Your Budget
•    Your Safety Concerns  


From automatic to manual and even solar-powered, there are many different types of pool covers and it can be hard to determine which is right for you. Perry Pools is here to help you select the right one! Our team of experts can help with selection, installation and regular maintenance.

For Dirt and Debris
If children and pets aren’t a concern, then you might do well with the most budget-friendly option, which is a vinyl or mesh cover. Though less sturdy, they do a fine job of keeping out most leaves, branches, and debris. These covers can be bought off the shelf or custom-made to suit your pool shape or size.

For Children and Pets
Given that mesh or fabric covers are only secured with anchors, they aren’t the safest choice for pool owners who might have animals or children venturing into their yard.  Heavy-duty pool covers are ideal because they not only keep dirt and debris out of your pool, but they can also easily hold the weight of an adult; so children, pets, and other animals won’t accidentally fall in through the sides or become trapped in a sunken pool cover.  As an added benefit, heavy duty covers also provide extra sun protection, meaning that the possible growth of algae and bacteria will be significantly reduced.

For All-year Swimming
Pool and spa owners wanting to swim year round with the highest level of safety in the back yard, should choose one of our retractable pool enclosures.Having a pool enclosure also provides reduced cleaning costs by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of the pool or patio. Also, no need to open and close your pool each season !

For the Environmentally Conscious
Solar covers are ideal for those who are looking to heat their pool while saving on their electricity bill. However, most of them are a poor choice for anyone with kids or pets because they aren’t very strong, nor can then be anchored well.  They do, however, make effective dirt and debris eliminators.

Whatever your Pool cover needs are, Perry Pools is here to help! Contact us today and our team of qualified experts will make sure you are happy. We got you covered!


Here at Perry Pools, we believe that pools are pieces of art, regardless of the size or shape. The art community seems to agree! In 2016, the New York City Commission for the Arts commissioned this sculpture in Rockefeller center, named “Van Gogh’s Ear”, by the Danish artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset.


“Van Gogh’s Ear” is reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades, which featured cultural objects elevated to a level of high art.

If you would like a Van Gogh shaped pool in your backyard, don’t hesitate and call us today!

Hot tub maintenance is not nearly as hard as you may think. If you have never owned a spa, the thought of maintaining one may seem overwhelming. On the contrary, maintenance is rather simple! A few minutes a week are all you need to maintain your hot tub so you and your family can enjoy using it for years to come. Hot tub maintenance doesn’t require a lot of skill but you do have to know what to do and when to do it. From the exterior shell to the water chemistry, here are some tips for proper hot tub maintenance:

Covers: Your hot tub cover is exposed to the elements and can be damaged by UV rays, dirt and stains, so it is important to use a vinyl protector to extend its life and appearance. When cleaning the cover, use vinyl cleaner only on the top of the cover and clean the underside with a garden hose. When done, just let it air dry.

Shells: The acrylic shells on most hot tubs are simple to clean. They are non-porous surfaces, which means dirt and germs cannot penetrate them. Still, just like anything else that sits outdoors, the shell can get dusty. Wiping it down with a damp cloth periodically will keep your hot tub looking nice and fresh.

Chemicals: There are some basic hot tub chemicals you will need to add to the water to kill standing bacteria and other germs to ensure clean, clear water. Chlorine, bromine and mineral-based purifiers are all common water purification chemicals. Contact Perry Pools today for a supply of essential spa chemicals.

Sanitizer: Check the water’s chemical balance after each use and add your preferred sanitizer as needed. You’ll need to add a large dose of sanitizer weekly, known as “shocking” the water. The right sanitizer configuration will be based on the size, make, and model of your spa, as well as how often you use it.

Filter: Cleaning your filter on a regular basis, usually monthly, is also necessary to lengthen the hot tub’s life. Replace the filter if it is cracked or frayed, or still looking very dirty after cleaning.


Ask Perry Pools for help in determining the proper chemical formula and filter cleaning and replacement schedule for your hot tub. Proper hot tub maintenance will help your spa retain its beauty and performance and ensure it continues to be a source of stress relief, relaxation and family fun for years to come. Perry Pools can supply you with all the information, supplies, and accessories you will need. Visit us today!



Therapeutic spas have a lot of benefits and using a hot tub in winter can improve your health, your temperament and your overall quality of life. That’s because hydrotherapy is effective during every part of the year, including those chilly winter months. These are some little-known benefits to using a hot tub in winter that warmer months cannot offer:

  •  Helps to avoid cold and flu season. When you use a hot tub in winter, you can sweat out some of the toxins floating around in your body.
  • Get some much-needed recovery after exercise. Hydrotherapy works exceptionally well for people who spend a lot of time playing outdoor sports or working in the cold.  The hot water and jets relax tight muscles and aid in a quicker recovery.
  • Have some fun with friends. Winter parties are fun but you’re stuck inside the whole time. With a large hot tub, you can entertain inside and outside all season long.

Soaking in a hot, bubbling outdoor hot tub or in-ground spa is relaxing at any time of year but in cold weather it can feel especially good as the water warms your body. Additional care is needed to keep your hot tub safe during the fall and winter seasons.

Contact us today to make sure your spa is ready and well-maintained for the season. If you don’t own one already, we can make your spa dreams come true!  Visit us today!

Perry Pools is a proud authorized dealer of Hayward. Today, we’d like to recommend an amazing new pressure cleaner. For a thorough yet gentle clean of any pool, choose the TriVac 700 pressure cleaner from Hayward®. Designed with patented AquaDrive® technology, TriVac is powered by water-jet propulsion, carefully and efficiently navigating the pool floor, walls and coves while its unique short back-up sequence keeps it on task to clean faster. The unique skimming top mode keeps your pool’s surface sparkling clean. Call us today for pricing!


Now that your pool has been winterized, you may think that you are done taking care of it for the season.  However, we recommend performing a very quick check regularly to ensure all is going well with your pool. Winter pool maintenance is simple and should be completed as regularly as possible.  Perry Pools is there for you to help with any winter maintenance tasks. We make it easy to maintain your swimming pool with the right pool chemicals and accessories, while saving money all year long. See the few tips below, and take good care of your pool:

  • Ensure your pool has been winterized: Cover your pool, drain your equipment and balance your pool chemistry.
  • Check and secure your pool cover: Heavy rain, snow or wind can damage your pool cover. It is important to make sure that the winter cover is in place and protecting your swimming pool. Keeping the pool area free of leaves will also help prevent water contamination if your pool is not covered for the winter If you are missing parts, or need a new cover, contact Perry Pools and we’ll help you find the parts.
  • Test your pool water chemistry bimonthly: Maintaining your pool water’s chemistry is important to keep your pool water clean and sanitary.  Abnormal pH due to low chlorine levels can facilitate the growth of algae and bacteria.
  • Check your pool for green water: Algae typically do not grow in water temperature that is less than 60 oF/15oC; however, it is possible, and with the uncharacteristically mild December we have had the risk of algae formation is significantly increased. If you notice algae formation, then add shock treatment or algaecide to your pool water.   Remember, it costs more to treat a green pool than to treat a clean pool!


Summer has come and gone, and you may be wondering what you need to do to your pool over the winter. Winterizing your pool simply means to prepare it for winter.

If you choose to leave your pool as it is and not winterize you run the risk of severely  damaging your pool. Harsh climate brings cold and frost can damage any area containing water such as the pipes, pumps and heater and therefore incurring expensive fees to get your pool up and running come the spring. If left uncovered and untreated you may face problems such as pipe failure, excessive scale buildup, green sludgy water, stained tiles due to leaves and a mountain of insects who have found a home in your beloved pool. But fear not, Perry Pools is here to share some steps to protect your pool and its accessories:

  • Firstly, remove your summer cover, clean it and store it somewhere dry and safe.
  • Balance the calcium pH levels slightly higher than usual. We also recommend shock treating your pool.
  • Add your algaecide, because no pool looks good green
  • Clear the skimmer pipelines, empty the pump, filter and heater
  • Finally invest in a really good winter pool cover, one that can be customized to fit.

With all this is place your pool should not be well prepared for a harsh New England winter. Now you can relax in the knowledge that your pool will be ready to easily open once we are blessed with some sun once more. And remember, nobody knows pools like our highly-trained, knowledgeable team. Contact Perry Pools today with any questions!

Now is the season to unpack the scarves, dust off the rake and think about installing a hot tub to enjoy during the colder months. Fall is a great time to build that spa you’ve always wanted before the cold weather sets in.  There’s nothing like getting into a hot outdoor therapeutic spa on a cold winter night. Getting your hot tub ready for the winter months is easy. No special preparation is required for you to enjoy a warm, hydrotherapeutic massage in your backyard at a moment’s notice.

Why you need hydrotherapy this fall:

  • Workout Helper: Has your workout routine changed from last summer or are you just starting one? Hydro-massage soothes sore muscles and strains and promotes flexibility.
  • Stress Relaxer: A 10-minute soak relaxes homework-stressed kids and parents.
  • Sleep Improver: When the days get shorter, immerse in a warm-water massage and you’ll most likely sleep better afterwards.
  • Awesome Entertainer: People who own spas and hot tubs love to entertain outdoors in every season. Everyone enjoys a warm soak and good conversation!

Need supplies, help with maintenance or fall conditioning? How about a new cover or accessories? All of the above?

Contact Perry Pools for a quick consultation! Call us today at 203-349-9212 or visit our convenient Norwalk location. We offer spa-only winter service, where visits are less frequent than pool service but just as important to keep the spa clean and working properly all winter long.


Pool closing time is usually a sad time of year.  However, closing your pool properly will make opening it much easier next season. The weather is getting cold, the leaves are changing color and the warm memories of summertime fun are fading away.  This is not usually the time of year that people like to think about their swimming pools but it is really the most important time of year to pay attention to the pool to avoid unnecessary problems and costly repairs come springtime. Whether warm climate or cold, we have some simple instructions for protecting your pool.

The following are generalized instructions on how to properly close an in-ground and an above-ground pool:

(Please note that all pools are somewhat different and your pool may need specific care not mentioned here.  If you have any doubts about how to properly close your particular pool, give us a call or contact a local pool professional.)


  • Balance the water chemistry.
  • Shock the pool with a Chlorine Shock.
  • Remove skimmer baskets, wall fittings, cleaners, solar blankets and ladders from the pool.
  • Lower the water level in the pool.
  • Drain all pumping, filtering, heating and chlorinating equipment.
  • Clean, skim, vacuum and brush the pool.
  • Cover the pool.

Contact Perry Pools for a quick consultation! Call us today at 203-349-9212 or visit our convenient Norwalk location.