When it comes to swimming pool construction, spring might be the season that initially comes to mind.  However, the ultimate season to have a swimming pool constructed in your backyard is the fall.  Having your pool built in the fall makes it accessible and ready to go once the warm weather comes along; you won’t have to wait during the scorching summer for your pool to be completed.

  • Better Prices & Undivided Attention: During the off-season, you can get a better deal on your pool needs. Only a few people think about pool installation during the fall. You can easily find a pool contractor who does not have numerous jobs to divert his or her attention. Since the pool contractor would be handling minimal projects, you can have the contractor work according to your needs and requirements.
  • Yard Recovery: Fall construction allows the garden to bounce back and recover over the winter. Spring is a busy time for many outdoor projects, including landscaping. Having your pool completed during the slower fall months means that you or your landscapers can go out in the backyard without having to work around the pool builders. Any other outdoor projects you decide to add to your outdoor living space, such as a fireplace or outdoor kitchen, can be completed as well without having the added stress of multiple projects taking place at once.
  • More Relaxed Timeline: You will enjoy the more relaxed timeline of fall pool construction and not feel stressed or rushed to finish the project. Even if unforeseen complications arise during the construction of your pool, such as severe weather delays or building difficulties, you will have peace of mind knowing that there is plenty of time to remedy whatever situations occur and that your pool will be ready for use when the warm weather returns.
  • Tax Refund: Lastly, as you approach the end of the year, remember that your pool is not only a major purchase; it is also considered a home improvement that can be claimed on your taxes.


If you’re looking for a new way to transform your outdoor space and enhance your pool experience at night, look no further than Hayward ColorLogic LED Lighting!

Customized lighting options allow pool owners to change the mood as well as highlight water features and architectural elements. Pool lighting helps to create a backyard ambiance that’s uniquely yours. Today’s energy-efficient LED pool lighting helps you save, extends the life of your pool into the evening and improves safety for nighttime swimming and backyard entertaining.

Learn more about pool lighting and the many innovative light and color options available from Perry Pools, your local Hayward dealer. Call us today at 203-349-9212 to schedule your free consultation.

Summer is quickly coming to an end but before you begin lamenting over the end of summer and prime pool season, let’s take a step back and appreciate that summer is still here and make the most of it! As we head into August, we still have a solid month of great weather and most importantly, a great opportunity to spend some quality time at the pool.

  1. Kids are going back to school: Now that the kids are going back to school, you can finally get some peaceful alone time with a good book in your hand. Plan some quiet-time to soak up the sun, drink a glass of wine and catch up on relaxation. It’s a wonderful time to spend some quality time by yourself or with your significant other.
  2. Sales of pool items: Pool stores begin preparation for the Fall season, which means a lot of pool items are going to be on sale! It’s a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite items since the retailers are willing to sell at a discount. Anything from swimwear to pool floats are on sale so it’s worth it to explore!
  3. Plan an End of Season Pool Party: Nothing says you had a great season like ending it with a bang. Celebrate a great summer with a big party and invite your friends and family to soak up the remaining summer sun. There’s always time for a party and a pool party is the best kind there is!

Start Planning a Pool (or Spa) Purchase:  Have you been deferring pool upgrades for a while? Now’s the time to start thinking about upgrades, replacements or expansions. Start planning your project now so your pool looks awesome next summer. Contact Perry Pools today for a quick consultation! Call us today at 203-349-9212 or visit our convenient Norwalk location.

Becoming a pool owner can have major advantages. Besides relief from the heat, there are tons of fun options and benefits to owning a pool. No matter your reason for owning a pool, it is sure to bring you a lot of joy. Maximize your enjoyment by creating a beautiful poolscape where your family and friends can hang out.

  • A Great Family Gift: For many swimming pool owners, the biggest benefit is the opportunity to spend time with family. Your pool area can be a fun and relaxing space for both kids and parents to enjoy. Think of it as your own private sanctuary where you can entertain the little ones without having to sit in traffic on your way to a public attraction. Imagine the look on your children’s faces when you tell them they are getting a pool!
  • Entertainer’s Dream: Having a pool in your backyard adds the perfect setting to be able to entertain your family and friends in an elegant surrounding. Pools are great places to host almost any kind of party or event, such as a birthday party or a get-together for your co-workers or the members of your child’s baseball team.
  • Beautify and increase the value of your home: Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home soon, a pool can be a great Pools can help attract buyers who may want the amenity of a pool in their new home. Real estate agents say swimming pools, particularly those that include attractive landscaping and other upscale features, can help a homeowner fetch 5 to 10 percent more in the sale of the home. Take the time to create a well-designed poolscape and keep up with pool maintenance to make sure your pool adds maximum curb appeal.

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With our country’s Independence Day coming up on July 4th, you’re likely planning a fun pool party with friends and family. The July 4th weekend is traditionally the biggest weekend of the year for pool use. With Independence Day falling on a Monday this year, the party will likely be all weekend. The following are some tips to ensure that your July 4th pool party will be one to be remembered:

  1. Pool Conditions: Make sure your pool is as ready for the celebration as you are! To avoid last minute water problems, such as cloudy water or a green pool, be sure that your pool water is balanced—have it professionally analyzed at Perry Pools some time before your guests arrive. This preventative maintenance will help avoid eye and skin irritation that sometimes accompanies a weekend of swimming in a pool of unbalanced water. Eye and skin irritation are usually due to insufficient sanitizer levels or incorrect pH levels.
  2. Food: At Perry Pools, we believe that there’s nothing better than a good BBQ and a cool beverage poolside. We can’t resist some good steaks, burgers or hot dogs. We recommend serving Kabobs along with salads and vegetables that can be made ahead and refrigerated until ready to grill and serve.

  1. Activities: Play pool games. While having a pool should provide enough fun for kids, it’s even better to have some games on-hand during the slow times. Relay races…Marco Polo…chicken fights…float races…water basketball…these are just a few classic games that are instant hits for guests. Stop by Perry Pools to pick up your last minute water toys.
  2. Safety First: Be clear about pool safety. Make pool safety a #1 priority and make sure all of your guests know your pool rules. For big parties, it’s a good idea to designate rotating shifts for parents to watch the kids. Make sure your guests know the depth of the pool and be sure to go over swimming and diving rules.



There are so many things to do around the pool; just Google swimming pool games and activities for additional ideas! Please remember that whatever you do, pool safety should always be a concern. Don’t forget to always wear sunblock J

The 4th of July is a great day to focus on what we are thankful for, like family, friends and of course, our freedom.  From all of us at Perry Pools, have a great and safe celebration!

While it might be too late to build a sparkling new pool for this weekend, we can help make your next Independence Day unforgettable!


Perry Pools is a premier builder of custom residential swimming pools with a proven track record and a multitude of satisfied customers. We offer top-quality construction by experienced craftsmen and artisans. If you seek beauty, longevity, performance and efficiency, look no further! The Perry Pools Crew takes great pride in providing our customers with unmatched quality when it comes to new swimming pool construction at the best possible value.

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While we all love to enjoy a pristine pool, one of the big chores of the spring is opening the pool and getting it ready for the season. Most people don’t have a problem getting the cover off and starting the system, the real problem occurs when they see the color of the swimming pool.  Have no fear, Perry Pools is here to help you get your pool ready with a few tips!

  • Get an Early Start:
    Opening your pool early even helps with algae. Algae loves warm and dark places, which is why it grows so well when you have the winter cover on your pool until the middle of June! Also, you can take advantage of the early buys deals at your local pool store (visit our store location for a great selection of products).  Lastly, if you start early, you’ll also have your pool open in case you have an early summer for you friends and family to enjoy!
  • Balance your water:  Getting your water chemistry right at the beginning of the season plays a large part in how your water will look and feel for the rest of the season.  With good water chemistry your filter won’t work as hard and maintaining crystal clear water will be less costly and easier.  Bring water samples to your pool store so it can be computer tested and only use high quality chemicals like Bio Guard and PristineBlue.
  • Be Prepared and Talk To An Expert:
    When it comes to pool care, it’s a good idea to get all your information from one source. The internet is a scary place where everybody has an opinion on what to do with your pool.  Point is, if you stick to one, reliable and knowledgeable source, you will receive consistent, expert opinion and avoid problems. Hopefully, that source is Perry Pools. You can ask us anything about your pool and/or hot tub. Our experts await your call so, don’t hesitate and reach out!


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Happy Swimming!