Family Sanctuary
Norwalk, CT

When this home owner called for a quote for a new swimming pool, he had already received quotes from several other builders. When he narrowed down the choice between us and a competitor, he struggled with choosing between quality and price.

We pointed out the advantages of using Perry Pools and Spas by identifying the additional components in our design that assured longevity, durability and functionality. I’d like to note, we have saved several pools from being filled by repairing and refurbishing poorly constructed pools. Things like using solid pipe instead of flex pipe and return bottom drains rather than just skimmers, vermiculite bottoms for vinyl pools instead of sand, along with two skimmers as opposed to one for smaller constructions are only some of the things that make our swimming pools superior.

Along with pointing out the durability of our construction, we proceeded by taking the home owner to several locations we had built. After these affirmations, the home owner chose us to build his new swimming pool. We completed the pool, installed all the equipment, and finished the deck well within our promised completion date.