A Few Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Pool This Summer

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Nov 24, 2017

Summer is quickly coming to an end but before you begin lamenting over the end of summer and prime pool season, let’s take a step back and appreciate that summer is still here and make the most of it! As we head into August, we still have a solid month of great weather and most importantly, a great opportunity to spend some quality time at the pool.

  1. Kids are going back to school: Now that the kids are going back to school, you can finally get some peaceful alone time with a good book in your hand. Plan some quiet-time to soak up the sun, drink a glass of wine and catch up on relaxation. It’s a wonderful time to spend some quality time by yourself or with your significant other.
  2. Sales of pool items: Pool stores begin preparation for the Fall season, which means a lot of pool items are going to be on sale! It’s a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite items since the retailers are willing to sell at a discount. Anything from swimwear to pool floats are on sale so it’s worth it to explore!
  3. Plan an End of Season Pool Party: Nothing says you had a great season like ending it with a bang. Celebrate a great summer with a big party and invite your friends and family to soak up the remaining summer sun. There’s always time for a party and a pool party is the best kind there is!

Start Planning a Pool (or Spa) Purchase:  Have you been deferring pool upgrades for a while? Now’s the time to start thinking about upgrades, replacements or expansions. Start planning your project now so your pool looks awesome next summer. Contact Perry Pools today for a quick consultation! Call us today at 203-349-9212 or visit our convenient Bridgeport location.