Happy 4th Of July from the Perry Pools Team!

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Nov 24, 2017

With our country’s Independence Day coming up on July 4th, you’re likely planning a fun pool party with friends and family. The July 4th weekend is traditionally the biggest weekend of the year for pool use. With Independence Day falling on a Monday this year, the party will likely be all weekend. The following are some tips to ensure that your July 4th pool party will be one to be remembered:

  1. Pool Conditions: Make sure your pool is as ready for the celebration as you are! To avoid last minute water problems, such as cloudy water or a green pool, be sure that your pool water is balanced—have it professionally analyzed at Perry Pools some time before your guests arrive. This preventative maintenance will help avoid eye and skin irritation that sometimes accompanies a weekend of swimming in a pool of unbalanced water. Eye and skin irritation are usually due to insufficient sanitizer levels or incorrect pH levels.
  2. Food: At Perry Pools, we believe that there’s nothing better than a good BBQ and a cool beverage poolside. We can’t resist some good steaks, burgers or hot dogs. We recommend serving Kabobs along with salads and vegetables that can be made ahead and refrigerated until ready to grill and serve.
  1. Activities: Play pool games. While having a pool should provide enough fun for kids, it’s even better to have some games on-hand during the slow times. Relay races…Marco Polo…chicken fights…float races…water basketball…these are just a few classic games that are instant hits for guests. Stop by Perry Pools to pick up your last minute water toys.
  2. Safety First: Be clear about pool safety. Make pool safety a #1 priority and make sure all of your guests know your pool rules. For big parties, it’s a good idea to designate rotating shifts for parents to watch the kids. Make sure your guests know the depth of the pool and be sure to go over swimming and diving rules.



There are so many things to do around the pool; just Google swimming pool games and activities for additional ideas! Please remember that whatever you do, pool safety should always be a concern. Don’t forget to always wear sunblock J

The 4th of July is a great day to focus on what we are thankful for, like family, friends and of course, our freedom.  From all of us at Perry Pools, have a great and safe celebration!