Why You Should Build Your Pool in the Fall

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Nov 24, 2017

When it comes to swimming pool construction, spring might be the season that initially comes to mind.  However, the ultimate season to have a swimming pool constructed in your backyard is the fall.  Having your pool built in the fall makes it accessible and ready to go once the warm weather comes along; you won’t have to wait during the scorching summer for your pool to be completed.

  • Better Prices & Undivided Attention: During the off-season, you can get a better deal on your pool needs. Only a few people think about pool installation during the fall. You can easily find a pool contractor who does not have numerous jobs to divert his or her attention. Since the pool contractor would be handling minimal projects, you can have the contractor work according to your needs and requirements.
  • Yard Recovery: Fall construction allows the garden to bounce back and recover over the winter. Spring is a busy time for many outdoor projects, including landscaping. Having your pool completed during the slower fall months means that you or your landscapers can go out in the backyard without having to work around the pool builders. Any other outdoor projects you decide to add to your outdoor living space, such as a fireplace or outdoor kitchen, can be completed as well without having the added stress of multiple projects taking place at once.
  • More Relaxed Timeline: You will enjoy the more relaxed timeline of fall pool construction and not feel stressed or rushed to finish the project. Even if unforeseen complications arise during the construction of your pool, such as severe weather delays or building difficulties, you will have peace of mind knowing that there is plenty of time to remedy whatever situations occur and that your pool will be ready for use when the warm weather returns.
  • Tax Refund: Lastly, as you approach the end of the year, remember that your pool is not only a major purchase; it is also considered a home improvement that can be claimed on your taxes.