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Aug 16, 2021

 The hottest month of the year is upon us, and your family is looking for relief! Should you step out back to your poolside, or load up the car for a day at the beach?

While the fresh and salty ocean breeze is attractive, you’re also packed to the gills since you can’t go home for extra food, dry clothes, or clean bathrooms. On the other hand, the poolside lacks that element of adventure, but it’s also safer for young swimmers and much quieter than crowded August beaches… Can’t decide what to do?

Let our expertly crafted quiz decide for you!!

Beach vs. Pool Quiz

  1. What kind of swimmer(s) are you?
    • Great – swimming is fun, especially with inflatables and diving toys that keep the whole family engaged.
    • Extreme – swimming is a sport, and not only is exercise good for you, it tires out the kids too.
  2. It’s a rainy day, but you don’t have to go to work. Where are you?
    • Inside, with a warm drink. There’s books to read and board games to play, let’s relax and have fun!
    • Outside, in big rubber boots. All the hiking trails and restaurants will be emptier because nobody goes out in the rain except you!
  3. It’s lunchtime! What are you going to eat?
    • There’s something for everyone, including lots of healthy sides and a variety of drink choices.
    • If it’s not a burger, then it’s a hot dog! Don’t forget the ice cream for dessert.
  4. Imagine this: You’re on a beautiful cruise ship. There’s a full itinerary of activities each day. What are you doing?
    • We do almost everything together. After breakfast, we’ll play games or swim until lunch, take a nap in our rooms, then dinner and a show!
    • I lost my spouse, and I lost the kids too. I’m sure they’re having fun, but I haven’t seen anyone all day. It’s a good thing they can’t wander too far on a boat!
  5. When it’s hot outside, all you want to do is:
    • Chill out – approved activities include lounging, drinking cocktails, and eating delicious snacks in between swims.
    • Bask in it – sweat it all out and get a good tan on, drink lots of water and cool down with a quick splash so you can play all day in the summer sun!

Your decision is made. If you chose mostly a’s, then you’re a true pool-lover just like us. If you chose mostly b’s, then beach-going is probably on par with the poolside for you. But we like you anyway! 

Remember: After the heat of summer, comes the cool of fall. Order your winter cover NOW so we can measure your pool and schedule you into the season’s end before it’s booked up.