It’s Finally Time to Open Your Pool!

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Apr 17, 2022

It’s Finally Time to Open Your Pool!

Now that it’s officially Spring, your pool is ready to come out of hibernation. We encourage you to open early; the earlier you open, the better. Algae will start to grow as temperatures rise.

Even if you’ve kept up your Chemical levels with our winter maintenance program, an early start will guarantee plenty of time to tackle any other pre-opening problems before it’s time to swim.

What’s in an Opening?

When we come out to open your pool, what is it that we actually do and why is it so important to have a professional open your pool for you?
Here’s a breakdown of how we ensure that your pool is ready for swim season:

Clean, Remove, and Inspect Your Cover – Our Service Technicians always arrive at your opening appointment in teams of at least two. We efficiently remove small and large pool covers in no time at all, and we tackle the hassle of cleaning winter debris off the cover for you.

If a cover has tears or holes, we can take it with us to evaluate the cover for repairs or replacement . Otherwise, the Service Technicians will prep it for storage onsite. If you know your cover needs repair or replacement, please call the office and let us know.

Inspect, Repair and Prep Your Equipment – Many pools will have pieces of equipment removed during closing, in order to protect the equipment from the weather we experience during a North-East Winter.  Reassembling and activating your equipment for swim season can be daunting without the proper expertise.

Our licensed and trained Service team can inspect both your pool and pool equipment to ensure proper operation and a smooth pool season. If any problems are found, we are ready to address them.

What comes next?

Spring Cleaning – Once open, Your pool should be filled to the middle of the tile band or skimmer mouth to allow for proper circulation. During the Spring Cleanup, service technicians will vacuum the pool to waste, along with brushing the surface and tile band, leaving your pool sparkling clean.

Crystal Clear Visit – At the spring cleanup, we take a water sample to test with our computerized water test station. Once we’ve tested your water, we return to your pool to adjusted alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness… After this visit your pool will be ready for a swim!

Remember: Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your pool sparkling through the summer. Sign up for our Weekly Maintenance program to have our professional Service Technicians regularly cleaning and balancing your pool on a day that works for you.