Hot Summer Tips for Your Backyard BBQ

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Oct 31, 2022

The one hundred degree weather is here! It seems like there’s an endless calendar of activities this late in the season of outdoor fun. How can you ensure that the guests at your hot summer pool parties stay cool?

Besides turning off your pool heater, we recommend these tips:

The Night Swim: When it’s 2pm on a hundred degree day, you might prefer the shelter of an air conditioner. And if the party doesn’t start until 7pm, then that’s no problem!

Take advantage of warm summer nights when the temperature goes down and the deck lights come on. Night swimming is safe in a properly maintained pool and fun for all ages. If you’re worried about low visibility, call us to install extra patio floor lights – or even LED laminars! These jet stream fountain lights are easily set into your patio or deck for a colorful night by the pool.

The Hydration Station: Swimming, sun tanning, and enjoying the spa jets on a sweltering day can be dehydrating! There’s no way to enjoy a party after a dizzying headache and a fainting spell.

Avoid dehydration by mixing your Cocktails with a little extra water – even seltzer will do the trick. We recommend making your Vodka & Tonic tall, with an extra splash of water to ensure that you can keep enjoying the sun (and more drinks). Or mix up your spiked lemonade with a brand of electrolyte water that’s designed to keep you hydrated and energized for a long afternoon of activity. Make sure the kids are safe too, with “Mocktails” of water and juice!

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