Oct 31, 2022

Dear Valued Customer:
At closing, the water level of your swimming pool was lowered to prevent unnecessary damage caused by high water levels during the winter. We send you this notice annually as a reminder that during the Fall and Winter months rain and snowfall will increase the water level in your swimming pool. Water levels that reach the tiles can penetrate behind them. When the water level behind the tile freezes it will displace the tiles. Should water penetrate under the coping, it can potentially cause them to loosen and shift. The increased water level should be lowered periodically to avoid unnecessary damage to the pool. Lowering of the water level will avoid these unnecessary damages.

The National Plastering Council performed a study on pools in New England that undergo winterization. They stressed the importance of balancing water chemistry during the winter months. Proper water chemistry is evaluated using the Langelier Saturation index, or LSI. The LSI uses water temperature, calcium, pH, and alkalinity readings, among other factors to determine whether or not the pool water is corrosive or scale forming. Based on this study, it is important to check water chemistry to assure the water is properly balanced to avoid leaching or scaling of swimming pool plaster.

NOTE: This is ESPECIALLY important for newly plastered pools. 

Winter Maintenance Program is $600.00 plus sales tax. During our visits we will assure the water level is lowered to the proper level, perform computerized testing of your water, and balance the water chemistry as needed. Any chemicals required for water balancing are not included. For vinyl pools water balancing is not necessary, but if the pool has coping, keeping the water level below the grout line is very important If you would like us to provide this service, either call/email us to enroll.

Please call with any questions or if you wish to discuss the importance of this service for your pool. Thank you for your business and have an enjoyable winter.

CT Resident: $600.00 + $38.10 Sales Tax = $638.10
NYS Resident: $600 + $53.25 Sales Tax = $653.25