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Oct 31, 2022

Besides the fact that swim season is slowing down, there’s nothing spooky about closing your pool! Especially if you’ve got us to complete the job for you.

If you’re still not on the closing calendar, or if you’re just curious, read our Winterization Checklist to know exactly how our experts close your pool:

  1. It starts with a clean pool – if it’s not clean, we’ll take care of it.
  2. Lowering the water level prevents snowmelt and rain from flooding your pool during off-season. It also allows us to remove and protect your pool equipment from the elements.
  3. We’ll remove returns, skimmer baskets, wall suctions, spa returns, spa grates, and (once the steps below are complete) pool pumps. Proper storage prevents damage so you can reuse all the same equipment next year!
  4. If applicable, Chlorinators are to be drained and left upside down on the equipment pad, the chlorinator lid is to be stored away with the other equipment.
  5. To prevent freezing and pipe damage, we blow out all the water lines with our blower/compressor before closing them!
  6. If you have a heat pump, we’ll blow that out too. Although we remove the drain plug, it will be taped to the heat pump so it doesn’t get lost over the winter and can be found for the opening crews in the spring.
  7. When all the lines are clear, it’s time to add antifreeze to skimmers and suction lines.
  8. We’ll clean your filters and cartridges for you. Call our service team to learn about which cleaning option is right for you!
  9. Time to turn off breakers to any and all Pool pumps, Spa pumps, Jet pumps, Air blowers, Polaris pumps, Pool lights, and Spa lights.
  10. Before putting the cover on, we will balance your water and add closing chemicals. If we notice any bad or missing cover anchors, spikes, or wall hooks – we’ll replace those for you.
  11. Your equipment and cover bags will be stored in a location specified by you. If preferred, we can also keep the equipment in our storage and bring it back to you next year.
Remember: Closing is NOT the last step in your pool’s winterization process. Sign up for our winter maintenance program to keep your dormant pool healthy enough for a smooth spring opening.
Call us for details on pricing and maintenance schedules!