Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 23, 2022

We are so grateful for the loyal patronage of our clients over yet another excellent pool season. Thank you for your continued enjoyment of our pool construction, renovation, and maintenance services!

Here’s hoping you had plenty of pool parties and swim time this summer – but if you felt your backyard was underutilized, perhaps we can help. Here’s a couple off-season projects that can revitalize your poolscape and encourage more time spent on the patio.

In-Laid Deck Lights: As the name suggests, these lights are embedded in your deck or patio. They come in all colors, and many brands offer remote-controlled, color-changing bulbs too! Deck lights not only allow you to host the popular Night Swim, they’re also a great safety feature. Because they’re more subtle than the mood-ruining flood lights, many clients choose to embed their lights in and around the stairs or edges of their deck spaces to prevent guests from taking a tumble.

Misting Systems: Every summer seems to get hotter, so here’s a new way to stay cool in the backyard. A pump pushes water throughout misting lines to a series of nozzles, which then distributes it into the air. When the mist encounters warmer air and sunlight, it quickly evaporates. As a result, it leaves the air in the area cooler—sometimes up to 15 to 30 degrees cooler! The simple installation of PVC or rubber hosing, hidden in your existing backyard architecture, can give you a pool space that rivals a resort.

These two quick and easy professional installs can really change up your space. Plus, they make a great present for gift-giving season! Looking for ways to get more out of your poolscape next season? Give us a call.

Did you know?

We love to hear about our clients enjoying their pools. Even moreso, we love to SEE it! In this season of gratitude, please consider giving us a quick 5 stars for good service. If you include a photo of your summer BBQs, hot tub happy hour, family fun, or just a lovely shot of your pool, we’ll feature you on our social media this winter! Check out the link below to share your favorite summer memories with us:

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