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May 15, 2023

Savvy swimming pool owners know that they can save money by having a cover on their pool during the summer season. That’s why all of our new pool builds typically include an automatic pool cover. They’re also a very easy upgrade to add to an existing pool, and Spring is the best time of year to add one! Do you know why your pool benefits from having an automatic pool cover?


Heated Pools


Having a heated pool is just like having the heat on in your house. You have to keep the windows closed or else you’ll lose all that heat and the house won’t warm up as quickly! When you seal your pool with an autocover, it keeps the warmth inside the pool. This can help to make your pool heater more efficient by reducing how long it takes to heat up your pool and preventing it from cooling down too fast. A more efficient heater is a more cost-effective heater. And that’s just the first way that automatic pool covers bring savings to your backyard!


Savings Everywhere

A swimming pool can lose up to a quarter-inch of water each day. The level of evaporation varies and is influenced by weather factors like wind intensity, humidity and sunlight. But an automatic cover shields your pool from evaporation by up to 90% (as researched by Coverstar from Latham Pool Products). That means you don’t have to pay for costly water refills throughout the summer. Plus, less evaporation means you don’t need to constantly re-shock and re-balance the water chemicals. The autocover also protects your water from airborne debris and pollen that would otherwise need to be scooped out or processed by the filtration system. As a result, your pool is kept much cleaner, so pump and filter use goes down to just a few hours a day! This saves energy, which in turn reduces your electricity bill. An automatic pool cover helps you save big on electricity, water, and pool chemicals!


You can take our word for it, but here’s the official savings numbers according to the Department of Energy:

  • A pool cover can reduce the amount of refill water needed for your pool by 30% – 50%
  • A pool cover can reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by 35% – 60%

Remember: We can renovate your pool at any time, but the best time to get ready for summer is right now! As the 2023 pool season approaches, we’re getting busier. Pool openings, regular maintenance, and customers who have already booked their pool upgrades are filling the calendar. Call us right now to get a spot on the schedule, so we can make sure your pool is open and crystal clear in time for your first BBQ.