It’s Time to Think About Winter Covers!

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Aug 4, 2023

Welcome to the hottest month of summer! The kids are in the pool daily to cool off and the best time to swim is actually at night, when the temperatures go down. It may seem like a strange time to talk about your pool’s Winter Cover, but waiting until September to think about your cover can cost you.

If you purchased your last cover around 2012, then it is approaching the end of its useability! This means that your Winter Cover could start showing signs of wear that could jeopardize its safety and effectiveness. It’s important to schedule your cover inspection now because, if you need a new cover, waiting until after labor day will mean it’s too late to get it in time for your pool closing.

Don’t know how old your cover is? Not sure how to know if you need to replace it?

Well, we can tell you! Here are a few of the things we look for:

UV Damage/Deterioration – After several seasons of sitting out in the elements, UV damage can cause your cover fabric to become brittle and faded. That’s why we like to check your cover for UV damage at least once a year. The quickest way to inspect your cover for UV damage is to flip up a corner of your cover and compare the bottom of the cover to the top. Or, if your material is becoming stiff or brittle in any way, it’s likely that UV has impacted the cover.

Broken Hardware – The fittings on our covers are designed to extend its life, especially when the cover is under heavy stress. But excess strain on your cover, such a few storms worth of tree debris, heavy snow load, etc., may cause your springs to separate. This is not a defect in the hardware but an intended design feature that protects the cover from costly repairs not covered under the warranty. However, if there is damage to buckles or missing strap tips, then it may be time to replace the cover.

Stitching – We scour every inch of your cover, meticulously inspecting the stitching by hand. If the thread looks frayed, missing or broken, or if it snaps upon being touched, then it’s time to consider cover replacement. The more breakage there is, the more likely it is that a new cover is a good choice.

Remember: If you wait until next month to think about your Winter Cover, then there won’t be enough time to perform any repairs or replacements before it’s time to close for the season. Let us handle the inspection for you. Should any work need to be done, let us take care of that too. We’ll contact the manufacturer, validate your warranty, ship out the cover, then receive and install your repaired or brand new cover during your winterization in September or October! Meanwhile, you’re simply having a wonderful summer time.