Protecting your Vinyl Liner: Why it’s So Important to Schedule Regular Maintenance

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Aug 6, 2023

Spring is the best time of the year to install a brand new, beautiful pool liner for the upcoming pool season. Whether you’ve just had a new vinyl liner installed, or you’re trying to keep your current liner in good condition, a lot of work goes into keeping your pool spotless. If you’re curious to know what it takes, read on. And tune in next month for our guide to gunite care!

The maintenance of proper water balance is the most important factor to maximizing the life and appearance of the liner. Proper pH levels allow chemicals to perform their function without damaging the liner. But, proper technique is important for water testing. Your Pool Professionals at Perry and All American can test for these chemical levels with specially designed testing kits and procedures that ensure proper water balance. In certain geographical areas, metals such as iron, copper, and manganese may be present in your water system. These materials can stain and damage the vinyl liner material. We prescribe and administer metal removers that are safe
for use in vinyl liner pools in order to prevent this staining.

Another major contributor to shortening the life of a pool liner is dirt and grime at the waterline of the liner. The scum line is usually caused by the accumulation of airborne contaminants, combined with things like dirt and suntan oils, which settle on the water line and can be baked into the liner by the sun. If the scum line gets baked in, it acts on the vinyl to prematurely dry and crack it.. There is a simple, but time consuming, way to reduce the problem. Routinely wipe the water line with a sponge (or a sponge with recommended vinyl cleaner) to eliminate grime
build up. You should never use alcohol or other unapproved products to do this. Luckily, our service technicians are equipped with the appropriate tools and time to take care of this task for you!

Vacuuming your pool bottom is essential to keep dirt and debris from accumulating and clinging to the liner. Of course, this can also be a time-consuming task, and the vacuum head being used must be approved specifically for use in vinyl liner pools. At Perry and All American, we only use vacuum heads, pool sweeps, brushes and other maintenance equipment that has been specifically designed with no sharp corners or edges that could damage the liner. You may like to save time and costs with an automatic pool cleaner / vacuum. Unfortunately, the use of automatic pool cleaners can occasionally have an adverse affect on your pool liner, especially on the printed patterns. Most liner manufacturers will refuse to take responsibility for any damage to your liner as a result of the use of auto pool cleaners. It’s safer to book a professional for the job.

Remember: If it’s too late for your liner, we can replace it! Vinyl liner replacement is easy when you have our installation specialist to do it for you. A clean, brand new liner with a beautiful new design pattern is a quick and affordable way to upgrade your entire poolscape. Call or text us to check out our catalog of designs!