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A Pool That’s Smart: Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly

Perry Pools specializes in designing and installing energy efficient pool systems. A swimming pool can consume a great deal of energy that will cause your heating and electricity bills to skyrocket. You can cut back on the cost of running your pool by having an energy efficient pump and installing a high-efficiency or solar pool heater. The cost of having an upgraded, energy-efficient pool system installed can be paid for several times over by the money you will save in energy!

Save money on energy and pool maintenance while helping to protect the environment. Whatever pool you are building, we offer eco-friendly solutions for operating and maintaining pools that lower energy, cleaning, and maintenance costs, minimizing the pool’s environmental impact.

We can help with

Automated Pool Controls and Covers

High-Efficiency Pumps and Filters

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems and LED Lights

Chlorine Generating System

We have energy optimized pools across Connecticut and New York. Call us today to discuss making your pool more energy-efficient!