What is included in your standard pool maintenance service?

At Perry Pools, our standard pool maintenance service covers all the essentials to keep your pool pristine and ready for enjoyment. This includes thorough cleaning of the pool and waterline, skimming the surface, vacuuming the bottom, cleaning out baskets, checking and balancing water chemistry, and inspecting pool equipment for optimal performance. Our goal is to ensure your pool remains a healthy and inviting oasis.

How often should my pool be serviced?

Perry Pools recommends a weekly maintenance visit to ensure the water quality and pool equipment are maintained to the highest standard. Other options are available upon request.  We’re happy to work with you to determine the ideal maintenance schedule for your specific needs.”

Can you help with green or cloudy pool water?

Absolutely! Perry Pools specializes in restoring clarity and balance to your pool water. No matter what caused the algae bloom,  our expert technicians can diagnose and resolve the issue efficiently, using the latest treatments and technology to get your pool back to perfect condition.

What are the signs that my pool equipment needs repair or replacement?

Signs that your pool equipment may need attention include unusual noises from the pump or filtration system, reduced water flow, difficulty maintaining chemical balance and water clarity, leaks, or visible wear and tear. If you notice any of these symptoms, Perry Pools is here to help. We can assess the situation, provide expert repairs, or recommend and install replacement equipment as needed.

Do you offer seasonal pool opening and closing services?

Yes, Perry Pools offers comprehensive services to open your pool for the season and close it down as winter approaches. Our opening service includes removing the cover, cleaning, reassembling equipment, and balancing the water. For closing, we prepare your pool and equipment for the cold, including water treatment, lowering the water level, and securely fitting the winter cover. These services ensure your pool is protected and ready for the next season.

How can I reduce my pool's operating costs?

Perry Pools can advise on various strategies to reduce your pool’s operating costs, from installing energy-efficient equipment to optimizing your maintenance schedule for chemical use. Upgrading to a variable-speed pump, using a pool cover to reduce evaporation, considering various sanitizing systems like salt, UV, and ozone, and ensuring your filtration system is clean and functioning properly are all effective ways to lower costs and enhance sustainability.

Are the chemicals used in pool maintenance safe for my family and pets?

The safety of your family and pets is a top priority at Perry Pools. We use the highest quality pool chemicals, adhering strictly to safety standards to ensure a healthy swimming environment. We also offer eco-friendly and alternative sanitizing options for those looking for a more natural approach to pool maintenance, such as UV and ozone method of sanitizing.

What should I do to maintain my pool between service visits?

Between visits from Perry Pools, keeping your pool clean and the water level consistent are key. Regularly skimming the surface,  and emptying debris from the skimmer baskets regularly can make a big difference. Also, monitoring the water level and adding water as needed helps prevents equipment malfunctions and breakdowns.

How do you handle emergency pool repair needs?

Perry Pools understands that pool issues don’t always happen on schedule, which is why we offer emergency repair services. Our team is on call to address urgent problems quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime so you can get back to enjoying your pool as soon as possible.

Why choose Perry Pools for pool maintenance?

Choosing Perry Pools means selecting a partner committed to the excellence and longevity of your pool. With years of experience, certified technicians, and a dedication to outstanding customer service, we stand apart. Our comprehensive services, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, are designed with your satisfaction in mind. Trust Perry Pools to keep your pool in peak condition year-round

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