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If you happen to own a pool in your home, may it be in-ground or above ground, you would be aware of the various pool products or equipment required to maintain or upgrade your pool . All of us like it when new products and technologies emerge to make our lives and day-to-day activities even easier and better. This applies to pool products as well and the various brands in this industry have come up with a wide range of useful products to make your life easier and more fun.

Here is our list of the newest and best products PERRY POOLS is proud to recommend:

Retractable Pool, Spa, and Patio Enclosures

We are now offering retractable pool, spa, and patio enclosures that allow you to swim, exercise and entertain pool side ALL YEAR while keeping you away from the outside elements.  Nice weather, slide the enclosure open.  Inclement weather, keep your enclosure closed.  The ease of opening and closing these enclosures is as easy as moving sliding doors!

The enclosure creates a greenhouse effect; so you can swim, exercise and entertain anytime – all year!

As exclusive dealers in this area, we will order it, ship it and install it for you!

TriVac 700 pressure cleaner from Hayward

Perry Pools is a proud authorized dealer of Hayward. Today, we’d like to recommend an amazing new pressure cleaner. For a thorough yet gentle clean of any pool, choose the TriVac 700 pressure cleaner from Hayward®. Designed with patented AquaDrive® technology, TriVac is powered by water-jet propulsion, carefully and efficiently navigating the pool floor, walls and coves while its unique short back-up sequence keeps it on task to clean faster. The unique skimming top mode keeps your pool’s surface sparkling clean. Call us today for pricing!

Pristine Blue

Looking for a low chlorine solution? A pool with as much chlorine as drinking water? Prisine Blue is right for you.  Pristine Blue kills algae and keep your water sparkling all season long.  Pristine Blue is a non-chlorine product but chlorine compatible.  Simply use Pristine Blue with periodic shock treatments during the swimming season and you’ll have a sparkling pool that feels like bath water.

Ideal for the do it yourselfer pool owner or our service customers looking for a very low chlorine level in their swimming pools.

WaterFall™ Spas

Our WaterFall™ Spas are actually three products in one!

  • Graceful pool-side waterfall that’s soothing to watch and hear
  • Six person spa complete with hydrotherapy jets and heated water
  • Easily convert to a wading pool for children (requires toddler insert)
  • Easy entry steps
  • Insulated spa cover
  • 12 or 25 jets for a total massage
  • Easy-clean skimmer
  • Durable acrylic shell
  • Available in Sparkling White or Gray Granite
  • 5-year limited warranty

PoolMate™ Spas

The Fox PoolMate™ Spa is the perfect complement to your pool. This spa is designed to be located near your pool or anywhere in your yard.

  • uses your pool’s filtration system
  • comes with a 250,000 BTU heater to heat spa water or pool water
  • PoolMate™ Plus features its own pump, heater, and filtration system so you can use it year round
  • easy entry steps
  • insulated spa cover
  • 12 or 25 jets for a total massage
  • easy-clean skimmer
  • durable acrylic shell
  • available in Sparkling White or Gray Granite
  • 5-year limited warranty

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The staff at Perry Pools & Spas believes that a pool should be a daily luxury for personal pleasure and entertaining. We are available 7 days a week as we strive to make pool ownership worry-free and enjoyable!

Our dedication to excellence and a passion for swimming pools makes us a leader in swimming pool service and construction in Fairfield County! So if you haven’t already, take a plunge with Perry Pools & Spas!


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