Salt Water Chlorine Generators, UltraViolet Light, and Low Chlorine Options for 2022

Considering a pre-season upgrade for your pool? Some pool owners choose to start with their sanitization systems. We provide several options for families who are interested in reducing their chlorine consumption.

Salt Chlorine Generators: These pool pump alternates can turn ordinary table salt into water-purifying chlorine. Many brands manufacture pumps, for example Pentair’s iChlor & IntelliChlor systems, that replace and produce all the chlorine a pool needs – safely, effectively, and automatically.

They provide the same sanitation performance as your usual chlorine additives without the need to buy, handle, and store chemicals. Instead, our Service technicians will refill your Salt Chlorine Generator (no matter who you bought it from) with regular salt at the appropriate recurrence while you enjoy smooth water throughout the season.

UV Light Sanitization: 
You’ve heard of installing UltraViolet Light Water Treatment Systems in your home, to disinfect your tap water without the taste and odor of chemical aids. Did you know that you can install a similar UV System in your pool?

If you’re already considering an equipment upgrade to a Salt Chlorine Generator, it may be worth looking into a proven no salt, no chemicals disinfection method. Pentair, Hayward, and many other brands also carry UV Treatment Systems – and we install them all!

PristineBlue: If you’re looking for a low-chlorine solution, without making changes to your equipment, then you’ll want to try PristineBlue. While still being chlorine compatible, this line is a completely non-chlorine treatment system that fully replaces your current brand.

You can have a pool with as much chlorine as drinking water, that still kills algae and bacteria. Simply use PristineBlue with periodic shock treatments during the swimming season and you’ll have a sparkling pool that feels like bath water.

Remember: We’re just a few weeks away from weather warm enough to open your pool! Get on the schedule early to guarantee that you’re getting the most days out of summer – call our Service Team to pick your Pool Opening Day.