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Elevate Your Pool Experience with Perry Pools’ AOP Systems

Enhance your swimming experience with Perry Pools’ Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems, the pinnacle of pool sanitation technology. By embracing AOP, you’re choosing a superior cleaning solution that not only keeps your pool sparkling but also significantly reduces your reliance on traditional chlorine treatments.

This innovative approach utilizes the power of natural oxidation processes to break down pollutants, ensuring your pool water is not only cleaner but healthier. Opting for our hydroxyl-based systems, particularly suited for large volumes, means enjoying a pool that’s efficiently treated without the common irritations associated with chlorine.

Beyond the immediate benefits of cleaner water and reduced chemical use, embracing an AOP system with Perry Pools translates to long-term savings and a more enjoyable pool experience. With less chlorine needed, you’ll notice a difference in water quality and feel, all while keeping maintenance costs down.

Let Perry Pools guide you through selecting and installing the ideal AOP system for your pool, ensuring you and your family enjoy a pristine, gentle swimming environment season after season.

Retractable Pool, Spa, and Patio Enclosures

We are now offering retractable pool, spa, and patio enclosures that allow you to swim, exercise and entertain pool side ALL YEAR while keeping you away from the outside elements. Nice weather, slide the enclosure open. Inclement weather, keep your enclosure closed. The ease of opening and closing these enclosures is as easy as moving sliding doors!

The enclosure creates a greenhouse effect; so you can swim, exercise and entertain anytime – all year!

As exclusive dealers in this area, we will order it, ship it and install it for you!

Fiberglass Pools

A great alternative to vinyl and gunite pools – Fiberglass. Durable and non-fading, these pools and spas are low maintenance and very long-term friendly. With these hard shells, there is no liner replacement, acid washing, or re-plastering.

So if you’re considering a new swimming pool, take a look at the cost-effective option of Fiberglass Pools!

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What People Are Saying

Richard K.

New Fairfield, CT

“Our pool wall had a huge crack in it, the coping was loose, and the pool needed re-plastering. The cost and task was daunting. Having been a weekly maintenance customer of Perry Pools, they worked out a segmented work and payment schedule to complete all the necessary work before the …”

Suzanne W.

Greenwich, CT

“We were going to fill in our pool because other pool companies said that the leaks were irreparable and the cost to fill it in would be much less than trying to repair it. I was referred to Perry Pools and the owner suggested we should assess the integrity of ….”

Caitlin A.

White Plains, NY

“After my husband and I separated, with my busy schedule I didn’t know how I was going to keep my spa going. I called Perry Pools and Spas and after getting it up and running, for $75 by monthly they come vacuum my spa and maintain the water balance. ”