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Weston, Ct

This is one of the largest residential swimming pools in Fairfield County: 170,000 gallons. This is a very old, uniquely beautiful pool. There was an outdated gutter system for skimming the pool, no bottom drains, and the pool had been painted repeatedly to solve cracking and peeling issues. There were numerous cracks in the bottom of the pool. All of the pool equipment was undersized and outdated, and there was no working heating system. The lights were not operable, and the wiring for the lights was not up to current code.

The solution to the home owner’s dream of bringing this gem back to its former glory was the following: Remove the gutter system on the top of the pool wall and with it remove a foot of the old deteriorating pool wall. Install 6 new simmers on the top of the pool wall, and add an additional 12 inches to the pool wall. A double line of tile was used to suit the size of the pool. Fountains were installed in each corner of the pool to gently cascade water in the corners. Cracks in the bottom of the pool were repaired. The pool lights and wiring were upgraded, and bottom drains were installed. The pool was sandblasted to remove the old coats of paint, and a new coat of gray plaster was applied. All of the coping stones and surrounding deck were lifted and reset. A concrete pad was installed for the new pool equipment, along with plumbing the new equipment.

The job was completed on schedule, and the family never missed a day of the swimming pool season. This was a total transformation of the outdoor living area, and we have been servicing this customer’s pool for more than a decade.

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